Vietnam Big Build 2016: Photos from build site

Tam Nong district, Phu Tho has been selected as the build site of the Vietnam Big Build 2016. More than 25 new houses will be built for poor families in two communes of Huong Nha and Xuan Quang. Family selection is under process and will be completed soon.
Through our trips to Phu Tho, we had chances to meet and talk to many poor families who still live without a decent home and healthy toilet and bathroom. They do need our help. Habitat for Humanity was born to provide them decent shelters but we couldn’t have achieved our goals without you – HFH’s volunteers.
Join us in the Vietnam Big Build to build Gateway to strength, stability and self-reliance for families through decent homes!
Han Thi Tai_Xuan Quang_2

Mrs. Han Thi Tai in front of the house she has lived for many years.

Lien Hoa_House 1

They have been living in this house for years

Lien Hoa_House 2

As time goes on, the lady becomes older and older, so does her house behind her

Minh Hoa_House 3

Their kitchen…

Minh Hoa_House 2

… and bathroom

Minh Hoa_House 1

Face of hope for a brighter future…


That’s why we are there in Tam Nong, Phu Tho.

Photo of Ms. Kelly Koch, HFHV’s Country Director during one of her trip to Phu Tho for site selection of the Vietam Big Build


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