Towards safer and healthier communities in Tien Giang province

Uong, 91, used to live with his multi-generational family in this run-down house (left). With the project’s support, Uong and his family built a safe and accessible home to better living conditions (right).

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam and its local partner have completed a nine-month project that aimed to improve the housing and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities of vulnerable communities in Tien Giang province. More than 1,800 individuals are served with funding support from Techtronic Industries (TTI). Tien Giang is located in the South of Vietnam, with one-third of the population living in temporary or substandard housing that could get easily deteriorated due to severe weather events.

People received water tanks to store clean water for the upcoming dry season.

In partnership with Go Cong Town Women Union, Habitat Vietnam worked with 84 families in six communes to improve their homes as well as access to clean and safe water through the installation of water pipelines and water tanks. These families also attended hygiene and COVID-19 prevention training as part of Habitat Vietnam’s early response to drought and WASH accessibility.

Through improving the water and sanitation facilities in Tan Trung Primary School, the distribution of hygiene kits and WASH training, we enabled 900 students to maintain good hygienic practices to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 infections.

Habitat’s staff delivered the training on WASH for community members.

President of Go Cong Town Women’s Union, Tran Nguyen Diem Trang, said, “We are very thankful for Habitat Vietnam’s continuous support over the past four years. The drought and saltwater intrusion happened here for a long time; thus, people did not have enough clean water to use. The project support is on time to help people prepare for the upcoming dry season. We are proud to be associated with Habitat Vietnam to enhance people’s living conditions and contribute to the local socio-economic development.”

“Having this support in place is a great step forward in improving the community health and wellbeing and creating opportunities for the future,” said Bells Regino-Borja, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam. “I am grateful that Habitat Vietnam has been able to partner with TTI, the local authorities and the community in ensuring that everyone has a decent place to live, with access to clean water and sanitation systems and resilience to disasters.”

The students of Tan Trung primary school used to use this unhygienic handwashing place (left). The project supports a newly built handwashing facility to ensure standard sanitation quality for nearly 500 students here (right).


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