'KPMG build' day in Tien Giang province

With a strong commitment toward sustainable community development, KPMG has been one of the leading corporates in Vietnam proactively reaching out to vulnerable people and helping improve their living conditions. For years they have developed a steady Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program with participation of employee in various activities focusing on climate change, community health and education. Seeing that HFH Vietnam’s approach and mission align with the corporate’s CSR strategy, KPMG and its staff have joined hands with HFH Vietnam to build home for a low income family in Mekong Delta, Southern Vietnam.
It was honored for HFH Vietnam to welcome KPMG volunteer team of 24 people to Giap Nuoc hamlet, Phuoc Thanh commune, My Tho city in Tien Giang province to build home for the family of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nam on May 16, 2015. With the philanthropic donation and volunteer labor of KMPG, Mrs Nam and her children will not only obtain a decent and affordable home but also have improved health, greater economic opportunities and brighter future.

KPMG volunteers and Mrs. Nam (first row, right) and Nam’s daughter Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi (first row, left)

Once arriving at the build site, the volunteers zealously rolled their sleeves and were ready to “get their clothes dirty”. It was the first time for most of the team to do the building; therefore, both enthusiasm and interest were visible. At a corner was there a group painting the doors. Some were laying bricks with the instruction of HFH Vietnam construction supervisor while some were carrying bricks from outside to the house for their team mate. As summer reached its peak, it could be strenuous for building. Sweat was rolling on their face and wetting their t-shirts yet it didn’t deter the volunteers building for a good cause. Their attempt spoke more than words a sincere wish of a beautiful home and beautiful lives for Mrs. Nam and her family.


By working alongside home-partner, the volunteers experience firsthand the powerful impact they make in the lives of families in need of a simple, decent and affordable home

Mrs Nam, 58, and her family including Nguyen Thi Kim Chi, 38; her son Nguyen Van Duong, 22 and two children of Chi had lived together in a 28 square meter house for many years in Giap Nuoc hamlet, Phuoc Thanh commune, My Tho city in Tien Giang province. Aside from some concrete columns and a brick wall in front of the house, the other parts of the house were made of temporary materials. Whenever it rained, rain water came through leaking roof and made the soil ground floor damp and muddy. The thatch walls were not able to resist from strong wind despite being attached to concrete columns. The house had neither toilet nor tap water. With the income of about 2,500,000 VND (US$ 120)/per month, they could only invest in temporary repairs such as thatch or untreated wood replacement. Building a new house could be impossible without the support of KPMG.
We wish KPMG volunteers would bring back home the unique experience and share with their family and friends. Above all, we hope the volunteers would help spread the words about the housing need and the shortage of water and sanitation facilities that many disadvantaged families undergoing.  By providing decent housing, HFH Vietnam believe it will lead to improved living conditions as well as break the cycle of poverty.
HFH Vietnam greatly thanks and congratulates the effort of KPMG volunteers. With such valuable support, HFH Vietnam has been able to support more than 12,400 low income families and transform communities by building or repairing homes, and providing clean water and sanitation.


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