Launched the Samsung Village #7 project to improve 3,000 people’s living conditions

Thai Nguyen Province – May 14, 2019: The Samsung Village #7 project themed “Improve access to housing and WATSAN[1] facilities for vulnerable community in Thai Nguyen province” was officially launched with the ground-breaking ceremony. In greater details, 175 people from the commune attended the event, including representatives from Samsung C&T Corporation, Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (Habitat Vietnam), Habitat for Humanity Korea (Habitat Korea) alongside local authorities.
Funded by Samsung C&T Corporation (Samsung C&T) and organized by Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (Habitat Vietnam), the project aims to improve the quality of life through housing, water and sanitation facilities provision and disaster resilience for people in Phu Cuong Commune and Na Mao Commune, Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province. Accordingly, some 3,000 people within Samsung Village #7  will benefit from the project. Hereby, 90 low-income households will have access to improved housing condition and WASH facilities[2]. The project also promotes Housing Support Services to build community-resilience against natural disasters to more than 510 villagers and homeowners. Schools and community at the commune level will also benefit from WASH facilities (3 latrines, 2 water systems) and receive training for capacity building about WASH. It is expected that a training session on WASH will be provided for around 600 community villagers while  4 awareness-raising events about this theme will be held at schools. Thanks to the establishment of community-led group, the community will also be able to enhance their capacity and awareness on domestic waste management and save the environment.
In prior to the event, Bells Borja, Interim National Director of Habitat Vietnam, shared: “Samsung C&T has been a staunch supporter of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam, and through this new project we have, families will be have access to affordable, safe, durable shelter, water and sanitation facilities and services, and will have increased capacity to prepare for and manage disaster risks. We are hopeful that our partnership with Samsung C&T will inspire increased support towards housing from active members of the corporate sector.  We hope to serve more needs together with Samsung C&T and Habitat Korea”.
Samsung C&T first established its partnership with Habitat for Humanity Vietnam in 2016 through Habitat for Humanity Korea’s liaison. After successfully helping the people of Thai Nguyen province at Samsung Village #3 and Ha Tinh Province at Samsung Village #4, they continued to support Vietnamese community with the Samsung Village #7 commenced from May 2019.
[1] Water-Sanitation (WATSAN) provided by Habitat Vietnam includes: building latrines, water filters, wells, stainless-steel water tanks, biogas bags and water pipes system
[2] Water-Sanitation-Hygiene (WASH) interventions by Habitat Vietnam include: 1. awareness raising about water, sanitation and hygiene; 2. Provision of easy access to clean water; 3. Building latrines and other water facilities (WATSAN); 4. Classification, collection and treatment of domestic waste.



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